About Kayleigh

Kayleigh Cassidy is a stand up comedian and clown who is a newbie to London circuit. She can be found at various venues across the city playing silly songs about ex boyfriends on her ukelele. She hosts her own monthly comedy night at The Pilgrim pub in Kennington past ones include: TLC Tinder Loving Care and The World is your Oyster…Card. She recently won the Rising Star Comedy Award for her musical comedy and has been a finalist in Barcelona’s funniest Ficer awards 3 years in a row. After a gig in Chicago where she suddenly started menstruating an audience member told her ‘You’re the right amount of mental’. As a comedian she takes risks and stays true to her self and her mind. Improvisation comedy has opened doors to the adventure of live comedy. She performs as Julie From The Library, Regina fortunately (a passionate fortune teller), Rain Styles an American poet and of course herself: Uke-a-Kayleigh.

Kayleigh Cassidy is an experienced Film, TV and stage actor. When she left England she travelled around Italy and Spain performing musical TIE theatre to children and adults. While in Castel Franco Veneto she notoriously fell off the stage and landed into the crotch of an audience member and broke her foot. At the time delirious with pain she didn’t realise it was broken and continued the show, dragging her foot along behind her. This put a pause on her acting career for a while but it is also how she found the art of playing the ukelele and writing songs. Kayleigh has written and starred in her own musical storytelling shows: Tales from El camino and KFC the musical. She also has her own web series 'Julie From The Library'. She brought christmas joy to children and adults onboard the Polar Express experience and played Peggy in Giles Gambino's feature film Apokalypstik and Lucy in BCN the series. Her theatre credits include Sandra in Mike Bartlett’s Love Love Love, Edna in Lives of The Saints, Titania in a very uni production of Midsummer Nights Dream and Erin Brokovich…in her own life.

Kayleigh Cassidy is a farmer of thoughts but is yet to receive published acclaim. She isn’t a nobody but she has no awards (yet) to prove otherwise. She has written a collection of short stories called The Adventures of Scarbrough Diggery all about the adventures of a girl living in Barcelona but being tormented about her past. She has a collection of poetry about Brighton’s West Pier called High Society and she is currently working on a novel idea called Pages, a story about a mother and daughters bond in dialogue. She has written two short stories: Mr Mary and The Leaving Party and updates her blog with various witty accounts of lives adventures. She is a poet, storyteller, musician and comic whose biggest inspirations are Leonard Cohen, Carlos Ruiz Zafrons The Shadow of The Wind, Marget Atwoods The Blind Assassin, Jeffrey Eugenides The Marriage Plot, John Fowles The Magus, Donna Tartts The Secret History and she loves the movie Harold and Maude. She could never drive a double decker bus but she could drive you through a story.

Kayleigh is an experienced Improv instructor with over 5 years experience in performance and facilitating. As a first class Theatre Graduate she has always enjoyed the spontaneous absurdity improvised theatre offered her. So inspired she decided to combine work and travel across Europe and America improvising by herself and as a team. She has taught her classes Being Magic, Always with Pleasure, Maximising the moment and Silent Scenes internationally and her teaching methods are always based and bubbled with joy. She studied at IO Chicago, The Magnet New York as has studied Clown and Bouffon. She was an active member of Barcelona Improv Group for 4 years teaching long and short form classes. The Electrons began as a side project in Barcelona where Kayleigh worked with a group of improvisers from different countries and ages. The Electron format combines monolgue, group game and two person agreement scenes.

Kayleigh currently plays with CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation, Ripchord and The Nursery's house team The Verbs. She is currently coaching teams and leading classes in and around London.