About Kayleigh

Kayleigh Cassidy was born in Torquay and in a dash to avoid seagulls stealing her chips and Les Dennis magic shows she fled to Bristol where she graduated with a first class theatre degree. As the seagulls were catching up to her she left England and turned the world upside down with travel writing, acting, teaching and improvising along the way.

She is a professional silly billy who loves the joy and spontaneity of being in the moment who is never to be seen without her ukelele, Steak. Together they can be found on the London comedy circuit singing songs about ex-boyfriends, under the mysterious synonym Uke-a-kayleigh. She runs improv classes and her own monthly themed comedy night at The Pilgrim Pub in Kennington and she also runs, when she’s late for that train she needs to catch.

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  • My first course of improv' was with Kayleigh. In the blink of an eye, she made the improv beginners that we were a connected team. I was alway looking forward to her classes and was so grateful when she invited me to her private improv group: the Electrons. Kayleigh managed to create a warm, fun, enthusiastic energy that welcomed me the first day like if I had always be part of it.

    My best improv experiences on stage and during classes are connected to the Electrons and it is mostly thanks to Kayleigh who carried the project on her own. I look forward to maybe one day be part of the Electrons again, and would recommend Kayleigh's classes to any one without blinking. From beginners to confirmed improvisers, you'd have a blast.

    And she can even sing and play ukulele!

    Improv Student
  • Kayleigh Cassidy is a marvelous writer, innovative and original, whose work is always full of surprises, and of laughter, and pathos. Be warned: once you hear her unique voice, you’ll always want more.

    Ed Smallfield - Poet, Barcelona
  • Kayleigh is a fearless performer with a unique style of play. She's willing to explore the ridiculous and has a great time doing it. She's fun to watch and has an infectious spirit on stage.

    Kevin Scott - NYC Improviser
  • Kayleigh Cassidy is everything a teacher should be. I've taken several different improvisaton classes with many different teachers and I can say by far Kayleighs class was my favorite. Her passion for teaching shines through, you can tell that she really cares and wants each of her students to do the best they can. I have never felt more comfortable in an improv class, she teaches you in the most natural way and you will improve quicker than you could imagine. I miss her classes everyday, the joy it brought me in my day to day life just to have those two hours every week with her and 'The Electrons' as was the name of our group, who I can now all call my friends, was immense. I am better because of Kayleigh's classes, not only in improvisation, but in my life.

    Improv Student
  • I have had the pleasure of not only attending Kayleigh's improv workshops but also working together with her.

    Kayleigh creates a fun and spontaneous environment in which to work in, Kayleigh is warm and generous, creating a supported and safe environment in which to explore ones creativity.

    Her combination of professionalism, great sense of humour and vibrant imagination made our working relationship a real treat. A funny, funny Lady.